Local Government Super

The brief was primarily to undertake remedial works and upgrade BCA compliance. From this initiated consideration to replacing floor finishes to the building interior, transforming the building lobby and entry promote the asset awareness.

Key elements focused predominately to raising awareness was creation of an informal meeting hub of varying purpose and character, improved access and visibility, a themed café affording humanizing connectivity to a flourishing garden to the north of the site.

The Complexity of the existing space, good source of natural daylight on both ends of the foyer extremes have translated to making the central ‘heart’ of the foyer appear darker. Fittingly binding the spaces is a three-dimensional vision to variable and highly considered effect lighting.

The separate groups of activity throughout the foyer linked like a pedestrian colonnade likened to a street thoroughfare; form casual seating meet and greet spaces through to informal cafe environment and communal spaces are also captured.