143 George St, Liverpool

Gregory & Carr Funeral Home

Enfold were engaged in revitalizing 143 George street by giving it a ‘facelift’, allowing the area to be inviting, light and calming, yet functional. This project proved itself to be a challenge and a business turning point for the funeral home that Enfold were excited to be a part of. We took the literal words ‘funeral home’ and turned that into our concept. We also deepened our thoughts and design process by getting into the mind frame what would help us as individuals in such a difficult time. To us, home meant warm, well lit, a sense of calm throughout and relaxing. This was achieved by altering the layout and including soft furnishings and finishes.
The final product was an outstanding result. Our client satisfied, the lead designer & project team proud, with the brief met in this unusual but successful project for Enfold.